30 Day Song Challenge

Was recently compelled to compile my submission for the 30 Day Song Challenge. This was off the back of going … More

50% for the long term

Today, June 23rd marks International Women in Engineering Day 2020 According to the Society for Women in Engineering, globally Women … More

Identity Theft

In an ever more connected world, some tips on how to personally secure your identity, online assets and what to be aware of to ensure your privacy.

Adventure Racing

Tali Karng Trackers on their next big adventure – MIke, Kerryn, Brendon and Paul take on what many consider the toughest adventure race in the world: XPD

The price of loyalty

In my case, $6.95 per month. And the increase of my home broadband from 1,500Kb/sec to 20,000Kb/sec. THAT’s worth alot … More

Steve Jobs: 1955 to 2011

Steve Jobs passed away earlier today, succumbing to that bitch: Cancer. Twitter has been going off tap, exploding in reportedly … More