Patagonia: “Earth is now our only shareholder”

Across my career, I’ve seen some rather compelling , smart and inclusive campaigns in relation to elevating a brand to iconic status. Brands like Nike, Apple, Virgin Atlantic, The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft all do their part in extending the boundaries of corporate altruism. They do it well, with flair, fun and creativity, whilst delivering a core message that has meaning and purpose.

Patagonia has gone next level though.

In the past 24 hours they have decided, as a company, led by Patagonia Board Member and Founder Yvon Chouinard to realign their global profits, values and energy towards the only shareholder that matters: our planet.

They are vesting it’s $3B USD in market capitalisation and profits towards fighting the climate emergency.


I’ve been a Patagonia advocate and customer for most of my adult life. Their kit costs more, sure, but it’s got a lifetime warranty. Their gear just works. With my scouts, whilst mountain biking, snow skiing, camping, bushwalking and heading to the supermarket.

That’s operating a business with purpose, focus and commitment, writ large for all to see.

Read more here:

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