Where is your digital security from?

Expect Us.

Activist hacker collective, Anonymous has gone orbital in their coordinated attack on Russian Government websites and platform services, knocking many of them offline.

They are also hitting the commercial sector hard in countries where organisations supporting Vladimir Putin’s regime are being exposed with leaks of information like emails, employee names and key businesses relationships, now occurring in real-time.

The cyber war is just beginning.

Security Affairs reports on the activities of Anonymous against Russia.

With this weeks escalation of conflict between Ukraine & Russia, attention has been focused on the increase in cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. Targeting hospitals, government agencies and news services addresses one of the tenets of war: create confusion and disrupt communications channels amongst your enemy. War is a psychological event and anything that can be done to demoralise your enemy or disrupt what they assume and expect whittles away at confidence and capability.

With my day job at Inhabit responsible for running a complex, multi country, multi lingual network of computers, servers and platforms, it got me thinking about some of the security services and software potentially being employed.

Specifically security software and its country of origin and/or base of operations.

Is this something that should even be considered?

Could a commercial entity in a nation state on a war footing be compromised?

Could the commercial reputation and quality be overtaken by nation state nationalistic fervor, legal directive or coercion?

Questions to ponder.

Below is a snapshot of the major cyber security vendors out there. Really diverse!

Vendor Country of Origin Website Founded HQ Employees (Year)
Avast (formerly AVG Technologies) Czech Republic https://www.avast.com 1998 Prague, Czech Republic 1700 (2021)
BitDefender Romania https://www.bitdefender.com 2001 Bucharest, Romania 1,600 (2019)
Broadcom (formerly Symantec) United States https://www.broadcom.com 1982 Tempe, Arizona, USA 3,659 (2020)
Carbon Black United States https://www.carbonblack.com  2002 Waltham, Massachusetts, USA 1,000 (2019)
CheckPoint Israel https://www.checkpoint.com 1993 Tel Aviv, Israel 5,200 (2020)
Cisco United States https://www.cisco.com 1984 San Jose, California, USA 79,500 (2021)
Comodo United Kingdom https://www.comodo.com 1998 Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA 1,200
Darktrace United Kingdom https://www.darktrace.com 2013 Cambridge, UK 1,200 (2021)
ESET Czechoslovakia https://www.eset.com 1992 Bratislava, Slovakia 1,684 (2019)
Fortinet United States https://www.fortinet.com 2000 Sunnyvale, California, USA 9,700 (2020)
F-Secure Finland https://www.f-secure.com 1988 Helsinki, Finland 1,678 (2020)
Juniper United States https://www.juniper.net 1996 Sunnyvale, California, USA 9,400 (2019)
Kaspersky Russia https://www.kaspersky.com 1997 Moscow, Russia 4,000 (2020)
Malwarebytes Poland https://www.malwarebytes.com 2008 Santa Clara, California, USA 800
McAfee United States https://www.mcafee.com 1987 San Jose, California, USA 6,900 (2020)
Mimecast United Kingdom https://www.mimecast.com 2003 London, UK 1,736 (2021)
Palo Alto Networks United States https://www.paloaltonetworks.com 2005 Santa Clara, California, USA 11,098 (2021)
Panda Spain https://www.pandasecurity.com 1990 Madrid, Spain 500
Proofpoint United States https://www.proofpoint.com 2003 Sunnyvale, California, USA 3,368 (2019)
Sophos United Kingdom https://www.sophos.com 1985 Abingdon, UK 3,600 (2021)
Threatlocker United States https://www.threatlocker.com 2017 Maitland, Florida, USA 111
Trend Micro United States https://www.trendmicro.com 1988 Irving, Texas, USA 6,975 (2020)
Trustwave United States https://www.trustwave.com 1995 Chicago, Illinois, USA 1,600

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