Microsoft Zero Trust solutions deliver 92 percent return on investment, says new Forrester study

With Zero Trust decreasing the risk of a data breach AND the amount of calls placed to IT and help desk analysts by 50%, it’s becoming clear that a ZT strategy doesn’t just improve your org’s security, it also saves you money.

Vasu Jakkal, CVP Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity & Privacy

Zero Trust architecture.

Not sure where to start?

Do what I do : treat every endpoint across Inhabit’s global network of 21 offices, with cloud, server infrastructure, data centres and user devices (laptops, cell phones and tablets) as being in the public internet. No exceptions. Full exposure, full bandwidth, exposed, vulnerable.

When you think of absolutely everything, anywhere, whether it’s the photocopier, the smart fridge, that switch, that router, a wifi point, or a mission sensitive server owned by Finance or HR as being in the public internet, it makes you really, REALLY, approach things from a different perspective.

Credential verification, user identity, access authority, trusted devices, geolocation…

Own your outcomes, take the leap and expose yourself.

Read the original article here

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