Cosmetics Lifestyle brand LUSH thinks about its target audience – long term

Love your brand values. Live your brand values.

LUSH Digital the digital and communications arm of LUSH makers of beautifully energising smelly soaps and cosmetics, have made a focused effort to consolidate their social media presence into YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, moving away from Meta portfolio products Facebook, Instagram and behemoth rivals TikTok and Snap Inc. owners of SnapChat.

Lush’s CDO sums up succinctly, their obligation to ethically consider LUSH’s target audience of young girls:

“Social media was not designed to look after people’s health, but our products are,” explains Lush chief digital officer Jack Constantine. “It is counter-intuitive for us to use platforms that keep you hyper-tense, engaged and anxious.”

Brands should reguarly reassess the channels that are available to them and consider what works. Jettison what doesn’t. Move away from the companies that don’t align with your values.

It’s a long term benefit that people – your customers – will notice.

Lush Digital’s own front page clearly explains the rationale for their reorientation of their relationship with the social media platforms – it’s a good read and offers insight to a brand living honestly and with conviction

Read the original article here on Vogue Business

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