Microsoft : To Thrive in Hybrid Work, Build a Culture of Trust and Flexibility

Data drives decisions!

Microsoft with its 180,000 employees has consistently & randomly questioned 2,500 of them every day of the year, to gain data and insight to their irritations, motivations and aspirations.

They cover the findings in this blog post

Part of this is divining the most efficient way to execute a hydridised work future. What do employees want? What are the metrics coming back? How should you evolve as an organisation?

A good read, which yields the paradox of trying to serve both audiences that want the best of both worlds:

A/ a bias towards the work place vs
B/ a bias to their home space

The contradiction in the data is summarised by this:

“Among employees who say they plan to spend the highest share of their working time at the office (more than 90 percent), 58 percent cite “focused work” as a top reason. Meanwhile, among employees who say they plan to spend a similar share of their time working at home (more than 90 percent), an identical 58 percent cite “focused work” as the reason.”

Thought provoking reading. The technical solution is the straight forward part – it’s the people element where the challenge and opportunity is!

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