Get Vaccinated. I want to travel again.

The Economist Espresso, 5th August 2021:

“New South Wales, the state at the centre of Australia’s current covid-19 outbreak, placed another 600,000 people into lockdown. Five people in the state died from the disease yesterday, four of them unvaccinated (the other had received a single dose). Australia has mitigated the worst effects of the pandemic thus far, but has also squandered the opportunity to vaccinate its population”

I received my second vaccination this morning and am now fully vaccinated.

I would have gotten it earlier, had age eligibility by our federal government allowed it, but their “squandering” the opportunity to secure supply early and architect a scalable distribution network prevented me from doing so.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Astra Zeneca or Pfizer, they’re both better than nothing.

Getting vaccinated is the right decision for our community.

Hesitation is a form of anti-intellectualism which reflects poorly on the society we have become, if we can’t trust those that are dedicated to higher understanding of the sciences and empirical, evidence based research and endeavour.

I want to travel again. I want to explore with my friends and family and see my colleagues overseas again. I don’t want to be wearing a mask in summer and getting a weird suntan.

We need 80% of the Australian population to get there. As at 30 July, we were only 18.2% over 16 years old, according to Scotty from Marketing’s press release. That’s abysmal.

You are a part of making this happen.

Get to it.

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