What does your brand stand for?

Powerful opportunity advertising from Nike. Like them or loathe them, they have always risen to the challenge repeatedly, in times of societal crisis, calling out what is right.

Nike’s ubiquitous “Just Do It” has been realigned to “Don’t Do It” in a clarion call to all to act against racism in day to day life and acknowledge that everyone can make a difference – positively.

Nike has always been dominant in the sector of social justice. Where many caution a business from getting mired up in political, societal or community based commentary, Nike has always shirked the naysayers and done what is right.

Crafting your brand and directing energy the right direction takes commitment, clarity and “sticking to your guns” as I’m often fond of saying.

Bringing the brand consideration closer to home, created by our Founding Partners, Inhabit’s, Vision and Mission speaks to the values we stand for. It permeates all our marketing, language and activity in 2020, in what marks our 10th Year of successful operations.


To be globally renowned for inspiring the next generation of sustainable buildings, today. To us it matters.


To make a contribution to future generations by connecting creatively to develop holistic solutions, for better quality lives, now and for the future.

We’re committed to making a positive difference in the built environment, more than ever with current events affecting our planet.

To us it matters.

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