Netflix proving it understands its audience

Netflix has 54+ MILLION followers on Facebook.

Last night, they posted 3 words which recalibrated what a “corporate” could and did do, to totally ignite brand engagement and relevance.

“Fuck, it’s hot.”

Netflix’ Facebook audience LOVED it.

51.5+ thousand likes. 13.5+ thousand shares. Inside 24 hours, comments showing appreciation, tongue in cheek humour, friends tagged, competitors like @Stan, @Foxtel challenged, advocates doubling down and proclaiming why they love Netflix, newly inducted signing up.

Broad, varied, uniformly positive, not just setting the conversation, but owning in one fell swoop the utterance for the future.

Brave move?

No. Smart move, based on evidence and a keen understanding of their audience. Reinforced by Netflix going into overdrive by responding to comments with additional wit. Showing that the person behind the curtain was human. Priceless.

It also showed why as a data company, Netflix continue to totally dominate thinking about what a brave brand can do to entertain, not just with its content syndication and self programmed “Made for Netflix” successes, but because they display relevance, wit and do the things brands should continually strive to do – inform, entertain, educate and encourage exploration.

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