Steve Jobs: 1955 to 2011

Steve Jobs passed away earlier today, succumbing to that bitch: Cancer. Twitter has been going off tap, exploding in reportedly the heaviest load since it launched, causing the site to experience outages. News and tributes are flowing in from around the world. This is a quick snapshot of the sites I visit regularly and how they are handled this sad event in the first 2 hours after the news broke.

Apples influence on my life?

  • Apple IIE at Primary School in Grade 4
  • Apple Mac at High School in Year 7
  • Apple Macbook – my future wife’s, 2004
  • Apple iMac, 2006 – my fiance’s end of work present, before our first child
  • Apple iPhone 3 – my wife’s toy (I use a Blackberry, but played with her phone – alot) 2007
  • Apple iPhone3GS – replacement for hers that was stolen – 2009
  • Apple iPad – launch day, we were out shopping and chanced upon one: May 2010
  • Apple Macbook Air 11″ – launch day, my new work laptop, October 2010

Ashton Kutcher summed it up most aptly for the masses:

Apple’s own Home Page,

With the click through going to a simple tribute:

On Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s Status:

On Twitter: Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft & Philanthropist

On Twitter: Lance Armstrong, 7 Times Tour de France winner and full time cancer fighter.

Boing Boing, changed its entire site to reflect Apple’s Macintosh’s original interface:

Googles Home Page, had a subtle, tribute, linking straight to, their arch rival.

Wired’s Home Page, is probably the most dramatic change, devoting its entire homepage, in place of its diverse blogs and news feeds:

The Cult of Mac, has an extensive collection of posts, historical archives and tributes: