AMI Marketing Week “Coming Together” 2011

A few months back I met an Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Board Member for the South Australian Chapter of the Organisation, who after a variety of discussions, invited me to speak at (his words) “a little conference we’re organising”. Last week, after his inital invitation, I was priviledged enough to actually follow through and spoke at the annual AMI Marketing Week Conference, in Adelaide. The theme was “Coming together”, focussed on the need to collaborate in marketing activity to ensure the most efficient and cost effective outcomes are gained.

The above presentation covers the operational approach we took to transforming the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre business into an online enabled organisation which can now use the digital channel to effectively manage its offline business operations.

For the record, the conference was good. I enjoyed many of the speakers I was able to hear and definitely enjoyed meeting the many people from different marcomm backgrounds (client & agency side) and comparing notes and experience.

I had some great feedback from both AMI representatives as well as people attending conference that my talk was interesting, informative and in more than one instance (several actually) the best presentation they had seen up to that point. I’m sure they are being polite.

One speech that really stands out in my mind was Nick Baker the CEO of  Tourism Australia. Simply put: Brilliant. He discussed a wide number of topics, with the draw card being the outline of the military level operational planning around getting Oprah out to Australia for a total of 170 minutes (4 episodes) of her show, to an estimated 48 million people in the United States & Canada. Great to learn about and Nick was a great presenter to watch.