Photography Night Walks

My friend Jess Edgar has decided recently to start up a series of guided photography tours around Melbourne at night for interested amateur, enthusiast and professional photographers to spend time in a like minded community of individuals who hold the photographic craft dear to heart.

Titled “photography night walks” Jess’ involvement over the past couple of months as seen dozens of people turn up and spend time in a non threatening environment wandering around Melbourne at night taking some amazing photography. Instamatic’s, old school 35mm film across to enthusiast level dSLR’s up to pro series equipment all make an appearance.  I’ve been very fortunate in being able to come along on a couple of these nights and plan on making it a permanent fixture in my weekly escape from the daily grind.

Some of the things I really like about the way Jess run’s the evening:

  • Low key: Bunch of really friendly, interested people who are fun to talk to and compare notes. Amateurs across to some semi-pros & actual professionals who are all spending time practicing their craft.
  • Informative: I was particularly chuffed to find 2 guys the other night with the same camera body (Nikon D90) as myself but different lens combo – we spent a good portion of the evening comparing and discussing the Nikkor 50mm, 16-85mm & 18-105mm lens outputs. Geeky – yes. Fun – yes. Worthwhile – yes.
  • An Adventure: I’m seeing parts of Melbourne I didn’t know were around and wouldn’t otherwise have explored.
  • Safe: Lets face it, you can’t pick up dSLR kit at the local K-Mart. Walking around in a group of people with similar priced kit (and some) gives a level of comfort – safety in numbers.

Of particular note, is that the Thursday night walks meander their way towards Loop Bar, where the owners have graciously allowed Jess to plug into their big projectors and throw up the photos of the night in 3 meter X 4 meter glory. Sipping a nice beer and chatting about each person’s photos and the perspective gained from the same walk adds a whole different dimension to the evening – I’ve learnt alot about the way people think and it is fascinating to see the results people generate from traversing the same route.

Below are some photos I’ve taken over the previous night walks with my (wife’s) trusty Nikon D90. Recently we picked up a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens which has made taking photos a real joy. Compared with some of the photos that get done, I’m somewhat of a hack. But I’m a hack that’s having a hell of a lot of fun.

More information here on Jess’ website :

Join the Facebook Community: Type into the Search “photography night walks” and join the Official Group Page.

That’s Melbourne! photography night walks listing.

Loop Bar loop online listing. 23 Meyer’s Place, Melbourne CBD, each Thursday night from 8:30pm.

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