Save Water: Target 155 is the State of Victoria’s campaign to communicate environmentally responsible and sustainable practices around water consumption and usage in the community. The goal is for each Victorian to use no more than 155 litres of water each day, whether it be cooking, showers (4 minute goal), flushing the toilet (dual flush systems are Australian Law @ ~5.5 & 11  litres), watering the garden (already under restriction) and influencing the underlying mindset in the area of wider commercial usage.  This latest photo shoot has been done by Hugh Peachey, a photographer based in Melbourne who has done some outstanding work in recent months with Work Cover, TAC (Transport Accident Commission) and other well known government and commercial bodies. I’ve been lucky enough to have met Hugh, and he has even done some work on behalf of some Areeba clients in some corporate identity and products environment. He’s a great guy and his photography is reflective of some fantastic work.

Currently the photos are being displayed in prominent locations around Melbourne – The Thomson Dam shot is on a big billboard at Richmond Train Station near Punt Road and the others will be installed at various Metrolights around Melbourne.

Well done Hugh!

Our Water, Our Future: Target 155

Hugh’s website:



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