Boston Globe – Big Picture

The Boston Globe Newspaper website is to Boston what is to Melbourne. I love reading it every day, to get a sense of what is happening on the other side of the planet, with what I term a more balanced and less “All American” view of the world i.e: there is an inherant presentation from the Boston Globe  team that their backyard is somewhat bigger than Boston itself and as such they don’t have a problem with naval gazing and self congratulatory discourse like some of the other US based newspapers can sometimes err towards.  Having visited Boston in 2004, I just love the whole city and this paper is a reflection of what a great place it is.

A reflection of this more mature world view is shown in their daily pictorial article feed – The Big Picture – which runs on the old premise “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.

The photography is stunning in each and every instance which Alan Taylor as the page’s editor chooses, with sharp, concise and poignant commentary on what are at times challenging and emotively charged issues. A mix of syndicated feeds from the major news portals around the world, Taylor’s take on topical issues has a knack of balancing up each different post day to day with entries which present the best of human endeavour and frankly, make you thankful for the world that we live in and how damn lucky we are and should consider ourselves day to day.

Notable Entries in recent times:

Earth Day 2009, April 22nd 2009 –

Today is Earth Day, a day set aside for awarenesss and appreciation of the Earth’s environment, and our roles within it – this year marking the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. As a way to help appreciate and observe our environment, I’ve collected 40 images below, each a glimpse into some aspect of the world around us, how it affects and sustains us, and how we affect it. Happy Earth Day everyone.

Refugees in Sri Lanka, April 27th 2009 –

It has been just over a month since the last time the Sri Lankan conflict was featured here. In that time, government forces have put further pressure on the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the north of the country have been trapped in a war zone. Press coverage is still very limited, and conflicting stories are the norm, with LTTE representatives claiming the ethnic Tamil civilians are staying willingly, fearful of government forces, and the Sri Lankan government claiming the civilians are being held against their will by the LTTE. According to the UN, over 6,500 civilians have been killed, thousands more injured, and a stream of over 100,000 refugees has recently left the LTTE stronghold, and the Sri Lankan government has halted the use of heavy-caliber weaponry.

Bushfires in Victoria, Australia, February 9th 2009 –

The state of Victoria in southern Australia has recently been hit with hundreds of bush fires during a record-breaking heatwave – temperatures well above 38°C (100°F). Unfortunately, these fires have proved to be the deadliest in Australian history, with at least 166 deaths reported so far. The fires mostly appear to have been started by lightning – however a few appear to have been arson, and are under investigation – entire towns being declared crime scenes. Twenty-four fires are still burning, and authorities warn that the death toll will likely rise.

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