Cosmic Motors

Cosmic Motors – The Spaceships, Cars and Pilots of Another Galaxy: Long being a fan of automotive in all its guises, I was suitably impressed by the concept art put forward by Daniel Simon in his book “Cosmic Motors – The Spaceships, Cars and Pilots of Another Galaxy”. Simon’s design philosphy strikes a visual chord of synchrony as he details vehicles of deep intersteller ability as well as more mundane land based conveyances. Spread across 176 pages, he has 130 illustrations and over 200 sketches of conceptual vehicles which lean upon design principles from the 1940′s onwards, albeit coupled with in the Astrocon Taooa’s case a “Astrocon Mobulpium propulsion Jet 4000″. That’s apparently the future of the venerated internal combustion engine. Adding to the realism and authenticity, Simon’s has also created a whole team of pilots who are tasked with steering these fantastical machines. It’s a nice touch they happen to be easy on the eye.

Simon’s credential’s include an internship early in his career at Seat & Lamborghini, moving  onto Volkswagen & Bugatti.

In my mind though, the coolest appointment is being commissioned to work on the Tron 2 Feature Film by Walt Disney. Really. And to add to that,  it’s recently been announced that Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack.

Look for an upgrade to the family station wagon here:

Daniel Simon’s own website: & Blog

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