My first reaction was to laugh. The second was to frown. The third response was: “Damn it! Since when have I been described as bloody UNREMARKABLE?!”

My excuse is that I’ve been onboard for only 2 weeks. So there.

Once I was over my fit of apoplexy, I went back and Twanalysed a few other well known peeps, celebrities, friends and random. I don’t feel so bad now considering some of the descriptions that @aplusk, @oprah and others have got and most importantly the recommendations which were offered are actually relevent, useful and pertinent.

Name: TheCultureMind (Colin Yeung)
Location: Melbourne, Australia (Time zone: Melbourne)
Description: Active – mountain biking, digital at http://www.areeba.com.au, house renovating + family: wife / baby son.
URL: http://www.theculturemind.com
Account Created: 09 Apr 09
Status Updates: 38
Followers: 19
Following: 39
Tweets per day: 2.7
Readability index: (?) 10
% conversations: 24
% links: 14
% content: 62

(This page for theculturemind has been viewed 7 times)
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Personality: ordinary sociable unremarkable Style: chatty coherent VOYEUR

Tips for your tweeting…

  • Work on making your tweets more interesting to attract more followers
  • If you retweet others, hopefully they’ll retweet you back
  • Use hashtags to join in popular discussions or online events

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