Google shows analytics API

I can see this announcement by Google in recent days about releasing the Analytics API to developers creating a whole new cottage industry overnight:

  • Custom tailored and tracked analytics targetted, triggered and monitored at discretion by customers directly.

The dev team at the Areeba offices think this is very cool, as it opens up whole new ways to metric user behaviour and monitor site statistics in meaningful ways which have business relevence. Watch this space, we’ll have it connected to RedDot errr Open Text Web Solutions Suite, Umbraco & Drupal in a flash.

  • Desktop widgets will start appearing that are designed to communicate when pre-determined benchmarks have been met i.e. number of visitors post a campaign period; number of transactions in a period; average period of time for the website as a snapshot. A refinement of this could include a summary of the most visited pages of a particular type i.e. latest product, product support, legacy products; service type; location.
  • tailored search result presentation will come to the fore, based on prior user data influencing the representation of search results and its relevence.
  • Connecting to the cloud inversely, you could run a search of the terms in your particular industry and then compare it against your own website to see if your competitors have the jump on you for particular marketing drives, campaigns etc. In effect, it would be RSS on steroids because you could set up alerts which actively scan for terms you yourself are marketing for and be much more intertwined with the data being fed back to you, which would allow immediate response to market conditions…..

How cool are Google for allowing direct access to the API? Heh – 50 years from now, there will be churches and a religion for Google, in tribute to their data mining philosophy.

They own it all.

Or will. Soon.

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