Star Trek advance screening Austin Texas

WARNING: Star Trek fans ONLY should read on ! This is seriously geeky stuff here.

This is just plain cool. Leonard Nimoy makes an impromptu appearance a few hours ago at a Star Trek fan night in Austin, Texas prepped up to watch a remastered edition of ‘Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan’ and instead, via some low brow theatrics serves up a freshly minted copy of the 2009 Star Trek Movie for the stunned audience. This is in front of the widely reported release premiere in Sydney, in which Director J.J. Abrahms and a number of the films stars will be attending. Paramount Pictures appears to be thinking on its feet again from a marketing standpoint, as this coup has erupted all the Trek Blogs and fan sites across the quadrant, adding fuel to the already highly anticipated general release scheduled for 3 weeks time.

As reported in Wired:

The Ain’t it Cool guys, retell it with a great deal of excitement (WARNING: Spoilers)

The Official Website: http//

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