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mUmBRELLA has been operating since the start of 2009 and is ostensibly a place to pass commentry about Australian new media and traditional media. Recently Simon van Wyk of HotHouse passed comment about the state of play of the interactive industry in Australia.  In his own words, it was a rant, but if had removed the odd expletive and lightened up on the caning of AdLand, it would have become a whitepaper. The facts that remain are that his viewpoint and observations whilst requiring the odd appraisal and scan with the Politically Correct meter here or there are so close to the mark, it’s not worth worrying about. The guts of it is that he has proposed an Industry code of practice for us boffins who profess to be a part of interactive. Brave moves, one which you must and are obliged to tip your hat in respect too and more importantly, we should follow, because they make good old fashioned common sense.

This caused a stir within the Areeba offices, as there are many experienced and veteran practitioners of the art who I rub shoulders with. The one which Simon & I had revisions on was point 8 – we think it should be reworked to be: “Our job is be enablers.  Our job is to enable our clients to better sell product to their customers”. Splitting hairs really, but none of us wanted to be caught on a Saturday selling product down at the local at the front line. I’ve been there before and it ain’t pretty. We’d prefer to be (pick one): 1/ out on our bikes 2/ playing the PS3 3/ down at the pub 4/ with the family. Or in my case, all of the previous. At once.

Guest post: Interactive agencies need to stop being advertising agencies
Simon van Wyk, MD of HotHouse, is over advertising agencies

Industry Code of Practice:

  1. I will always propose the least expensive, simplest solution to any problem.
  2. I understand Google is the homepage and I will ensure everything I do is sensitive to this fact.
  3. My job is to facilitate business. When I start talking brand dialogue it’s only because I can’t find a way to really add value.
  4. My job is to help you with the interface between your company and the customer on the web. They are using the web for utility; my job is to find that utility wherever it may exist.
  5. We’ll be clear about the returns.
  6. We have a chance to do things better to improve from our learnings.
  7. The Internet has changed the world; let’s make sure we treat it with the respect it deserves.  It took us many years of TV to develop the technology to skip ads.  Let’s not clutter our communities and forums with useless messages that add no value. Consumers want to hear from companies who are relevant to their circumstance; let’s work with that.
  8. Our job is not to sell our ideas to the client.  Our job is to sell the clients product to their customers.

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