Movie Review: The King of Kong – A fistful of Quarters

As far as documentaries go, this is close to the pinnacle – a geek movie through and through, the stars are evenly divided into the “good” -the new comer in Steve Wiebe – and the “bad” – the reigning Donkey Kong champion in Billy Mitchell. In between there is a host of characters who range from sycophants and the jaded across to the true believers in both camps.

The universe of Kong is presided over by the Twin Galaxies staffers, headed up by Walter Day, who whilst volunteers, take their self appointed jobs so seriously as the reference standard in gaming referees, that you can’t help but be swept up in their enthusiasm and their dedication to do “what is right”.

All the elements of a good movie are here – plausible yet slightly “out there” plot, great characters, drama, humor, angst and at the heart – the battle of an “Average Joe” out to prove a point.

By the end of the movie you are literally cheering for the hero – Steve Wiebe – and booing at the flawed adonis in Billy Mitchell. Riveting stuff – makes me want to dust off my handheld Donkey Kong and see if I can clock it again….

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