Movie review: Aliens – Director’s Cut

Viewed as part installment 4 of our “classic” movie nights.

This was the directors cut, which had additional sequences which rounded off the story significantly. Still in my mind, genre defining for the sheer machismo bought to bear on the screen with the “Hooyah!” attitude of the marines intertwined with the sheer menace of H.R. Giger’s inspired Alien spawn species.

Visually stunning, with camera angles and the use of supporting limited screens in the hand held motion detectors and the hall way monitoring cameras’ letting the imagine fill in the gaps of what is just beyond your vision. Counter balancing this visual feast is the underlying plot – simple – aliens invading, go send in peeps with lots of guns and exterminate.

Mixing it up is Burkes tangent on representing the ubiquitous “Company” in the pursuit of getting one of the pesky little guys back to study. Terrifyingly plausible.

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