The Big Apple

Hi All,

This is an exercise in jumping on the trendy bandwagon of documenting your thoughts online. Driven by our impending trip to the United States, Greta & I thought this would be a fun way to keep everyone up to date on what we are doing and where we are going. Also, fortunatley, I have a few friends who are also travelling who we may/may not be able to run into whilst abroad and this was thought to be a good way to keep tabs on where we all were.

We’re flying out tommorow morning via United Airlines to Sydney and than onwards to San Francisco. 16 hour flight, layover for 2 hours in San Francisco and than another 5 hour flight to New York – Jetlag here we come. We’ll be staying initially in a hotel in Upper Manhattan about 2 blocks from Central Park, which should prove to be a good springboard into the more salubrious hotels, boutique B&B’s and Big Apple hospitality in general.

I got a tip last night at my Subaru send off drinks that “Malatonin” from a Chinese herbalist would fend off the jetlag once we got there. I don’t even know what that is, so I’ll do some research prior. On the “send off note” thankyou to everyone at Subaru for an outstanding 2 years of fun, learning and experiences. Subaru is an excellent business and it can deservably wear its current successes and accolades with pride, due to the product, the culture and most importantly the people. I am all the more enriched for having been able to take part in the growth of the Docklands project and being part of a successful fleet operations growth. Of particular note I would like to acknowledge the roles and efforts of John N, Pete C, Pete H, JD, Roxie, Pricey, Steve R, CD & Mr Sica. All of you have presented the “lead from the front” attitude of an at times tough & demanding business and thus ensuring the successes of Subaru now and for the future.

My new role at Areeba is something that I can’t wait to get into and I’m really looking forward to joining the team there and extending the already successful nature of their business.

Anyhow, next time I post, I’ll hopefully not be sitting at home, but in some nice airport, or better still an internet cafe. Expectations are high for this trip – Greta & I are really looking forward to it.

A note on the “blog”. If you are viewing this, it is because I have specifically emailed yourself with the URL to be able visit the site. As such, I’ve chosen the private option of not publishing the URL to any web crawlers and the like. Feel free to add comments and give us notes on where to go, places to see etc etc. Hope you are all well, and we’ll see you when we get back.


CY & GF 13:50 14/5/04

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